If you’re new to the Cropolis platform and reading this for the first time, Welcome! Keep reading through this entire guide to get the most out of your new profile.

If you’re returning to brush up on your Cropolis skills and become a local food sales expert, keep up the great work! To learn more, you may find the Cropolis Best Practices a good place to start.

We put together this guide for both new users and those returning to answer all answers about the function and purpose of the Cropolis platform. This guide has many sections that serve as quick-references to answer broad questions about the use and best practices of each Cropolis function as well as in-depth guides that allow you to go above and beyond in the management of each part of your business within Cropolis.

To get a feel for the platform, we recommend browsing through the setup guide for each feature and playing around with functions. Once you have an understanding of how you would like to structure each section, get started. It’s time to add the information that you need to build out your profile. This is time well-invested. Think through your customer grouping and the various ways that you can group your products.

To get comfortable with your profile, we recommend starting with learning about all the features that exist within the platform.

Have fun with the platform and getting set up. As always, if you get stuck or are having trouble, please feel free to reach out to us at support@cropolis.co or give us a call or text at 412-545-3276. We’ll get back to you quickly to answer any of your questions.



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