Orders Summary View

On the orders page, each of the current and previous order windows is visible. The most recently created order windows are visible first and all other previous orders are visible organized by the date the order form closed. Order forms can be sorted by selecting the (AZ) button and selecting any of the order form columns to sort by.

For each order period, a row containing order period statistics and links to reports is shown. Live order forms are highlighted green to easily see which forms are live. To access the details of the order form, click anywhere along the order form row to move into order form response details. Each order period closes at 11:59 pm on the ending date shown.

Highlights from the order period are listed across each row. The Orders/Invited column indicates the number of orders placed on an order form over the total number of customers that had received that order form. For example, if there were 25 customers who received an order form and 15 orders were placed, the category would indicate 15/25. The Total Sales column indicates the gross total sales that have occurred so far for each order. Note that discounts are not included in the Total Sales column. Lastly, Most Recent Order lists the most recent customer who has placed an order. If the customer is in your contacts list for your Cropolis account, their information will appear in this column. If the customer is not in your contacts list, only the email attached to the order will appear in the column.



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