Add Your First Products

There are 2 ways to access the products section of the platform.

  1. On logging in, the easiest way is to navigate to your products is by clicking on the green “Products” button along the top row of buttons of your dashboard, as shown below.
  2. Alternatively, from any place in the app, you can click on the master navigation button always located in the upper left-hand corner of the window. Clicking on this window opens a sidebar menu that contains a link to the product section.



When the products page is opened up for the first time, there will be no categories or products loaded. In Cropolis, the products are organized by categories.¬†Categories make it simple to keep track of similar products and should be used in a way that is best for your business. Some farms choose to organize products by sales channel, for example, ” Wholesale” and “Retail” and others choose to organize by product, for example, “Vegetables” and “Beef Cuts.”

Create a category by typing in the Category Title into the yellow box and clicking the green save button.



Once the category has been created, products need to be added to a category. Add your first product by clicking the (+) button and adding the details for the new product.



If you need to add many products, send us a brief email and we’ll be happy to get all of your products loaded!



With new products added, it’s time to add contacts to your account. Once customers are added to your account, you’ll be ready to send an email order form blast.


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