Getting Started with Customers

Congratulations on getting started with your Cropolis account!

The first step in setting up is to add customers. It is recommended that you manually add one or two customers to become familiar with the process. If you have hundreds or even more customers to load, no worries, we are happy to provide bulk customer uploading. Send us an email at and we’ll get your customers loaded in no time.


To load your first customer, first navigate to the customer section of your Cropolis account. It is accessible by either clicking the “customers” button from the homepage or through the navigation button in the upper left corner of the screen.



On the customers page, you will be prompted to add your first customer. Click on the bright yellow “ADD NEW CUSTOMER” button in the green header. For more in-depth information about adding customer, check out our Customer Management HelpDesk.



To create a customer, you’ll need to fill out the form below. Only customer name and email address are required, however additional detail about business, relationship, groups, and notes can be added. Since this is your first customer, don’t worry about the group for now, we’ll get back to that.

Once it’s all filled out, the “ADD NEW CONTACT” button will turn green. Click it to save the customer! To get the most out of customers, we should also create a customer group. Groups make it easy to organize your customers and ensure the order forms get to the right customers every time. Navigate to the customer group section using the tab, as shown below.

From the groups page, add the name of your first group, for example, we’ll use “Chefs”. Click the (+) button in the green header to add customers to the group. Customers are added by searching for their name. Once the customer is selected, hit enter to save the customer in the group! Learn more about customers by checking out our other articles about managing customers and customer groups.



If you haven’t already, check out our next “Getting Started” article on creating your first product!


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