The Perfect Email Subject Line

It is essential to craft eye-catching email subject lines that will make your customers want to open your emails. A good email subject line for a Cropolis email is both informative and interesting. The following is what we recommend including in your email subject lines to achieve a high open and order rate.

  1. Date: It is essential to include the order window closing date in the subject line. This will let your customers know that the order form is up-to-date and the one that they need to refer to now to order. Consider including wording like, “Order by [Date]!” in your subject line.
  2. Order Form Highlights: Your customers love seeing what new products are available and what is on sale. Include one or two items in the subject line to highlight per order period. Keep the description short however to less than 5 words, long subject lines do not get read.

Another strategy is to create a title for your order form that your customers will recognize every time it lands in your inbox. Your subject line is an opportunity to brand your weekly product lists while making them unique and memorable. This is a great way to have your customers quickly identify your order form emails from Cropolis.

Email Subject Line Examples:

Fresh Harvest List for July 24, Sale on Basil Varieties and Carrots!

Healthy Harvest List for May 18, New Herbs Available This Week!

Fresh Finds Food List for June 16, Bacon is Available again!

With these main points, your email subject lines will be eye-catching and increase the rate at which your customers are opening your emails and placing orders.



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