Dymo Label Printing

This guide is for exporting data from your Cropolis account and using it to print labels with a Dymo Label Printer.

This guide will generate a label in the format below. However, labels can be generated in varying formats that display the information necessary for your products and customized for your operation.


Label Format Illustration


From your Cropolis Account, export the All Sales Details Report for the desired date range. A .csv file will download to your computer with the titled “CUSTOM_REPORT_[DATE]_” with the information for the Sales Details.

If any information will need to be added to the labels that are not included in this report, open the report file and add the information for each item in a new column.

Once the file contains the necessary information, open your Dymo Label Printing Application.

Select the desired label size. For this guide, the 3.5” x 1.125” label is made.

To add the text to your label, choose the Address object from Label Objects menu and drag it onto your label.


DYMO2 Illustration


To begin to import your Cropolis data into Dymo Select
File → Import Data and Print → New


DYMO3 Illustration


A “Get Started” popup will open. Click Next.




Step 1: Confirm that the label layout is correct. Then Select your Cropolis Data file using the Browse option. Click the Next button once complete.




Step 2: Check the “Use first row as field names” checkbox. Select the columns from the Excel sheet to add to each label. Each row of the spreadsheet will generate a new label. Once the layout is complete, click Next.




Step 3 is the label review. Ensure that the Label format is correct and Click Print.





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