Configure Distribution Options

The distribution options available to your customers for your business can be configured in the settings tab of your Cropolis profile. The settings are accessible through the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of your profile.

The distribution options page has 2 categories of options, pickup options and delivery, as shown below.



To configure options, use the toggle buttons to switch each pickup option as “Hidden” or “Visible.”

To Add a new pickup option, click on the grey “Add Pickup Location” text. In this space, type the name of the pickup location, for example, “Main St Market.” Then, click the green “+” to the right of the text to add the option.


IMPORTANT: Any changes to distribution options become immediately available to existing or newly created order forms.


The default options for a new farm are a visible “Pickup” option and a visible “Delivery” option. They are displayed as selectable options in the order form.







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