2. Adding Products

To add products to a form, toggle the products that you want to add to this order form. This is where thoughtful product grouping is most useful. To add entire groups, the “Select All” feature in the header of the product group can be used to add all products to a list. When the toggle to the right of a product is green, it has been added to the order form list. Products that have a listed inventory of “0” will, by default, not be added to order form. This is useful to easily not list products are out-of-season. If you still wish for these products to appear in order forms select them individually to add them.

From this page, product inventory values, prices, and max and min order quantities can be edited. Click directly on the inventory, price, or max/min order number to edit the value.

Click the yellow “Next” Button to move forward to adding customers to your order form.


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