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How do I get started?

All new Cropolis accounts come with a free 14-day free trial. Click here to get started

How much time does it take to get set up?

Your Cropolis account can be set-up with your first order form sent within 15-minutes! We pride ourselves on a simple platform that is easy to learn and use. When you set up your new account, a team member from the Cropolis team will reach out to you to make sure you know your way around your new account and know how to make the most of the features. 

Is Cropolis mobile friendly?

Yes! Cropolis works across all devices. It is essential to use an online ordering platform, like Cropolis, with mobile-friendly ordering to reach your customers at home and on the go.

Can I collect orders through multiple order forms at once?

Yes! Through Cropolis, you choose who receives access to each order form by selecting who receives the link to each order form in their inbox. This way you can easily customize who receives which order and what periods those order forms are open. 


Do I need to replace my website with Cropolis?

Cropolis works by allowing you to easily craft order forms and put them in the inboxes of the correct customers every time. Rather than a confusing farm storefront that opens and closes, Cropolis utilizes a unique method of letting your customers know when your order period opens by sending them a new, updated order form for every order period.

Regularly sending your customers order forms is an excellent way to interact with your customers, remind them of the fresh, local food options available through your farm, and get them to engage with your emails.

To capture new customers, simply place a link to an order form directly on your existing website.

Decimal Order Quantities?

Cropolis was built for food sales. So yes! we absolutely handle decimal quantities. Both allow your customers to place orders for decimal quantities and update volumes on placed orders with decimal quantities.

Can I customize my delivery options?

Yes! Cropolis does not limit the number of locations that you can add to your account. 


How much do I have to pay to get started?

Nothing! All of our accounts come with a 14-day free trial so that you have time to make sure that Cropolis is a best-fit for your farm. No matter how you intend to use Cropolis, we do not charge an initiation fee, an on-boarding fee, a new user fee, or any other types of fees for getting started. Our pricing is simple and straightforward, how it should be.

How much will I pay to use Cropolis?

We charge for Cropolis primarily based on account usage. To see our pricing tiers, check out our pricing page. Your account will automatically get billed for your usage during the month. Use it a lot? Pay for the tier that you use. If your sales slow down at certain parts of the year, your account will automatically decrease to the tier that is best for your farm.

Does Cropolis charge a transaction or service fee?

Your Cropolis account pricing is simple and transparent. There are no transaction or service fees with your account.  Our farms get to keep what they sell and customers avoid having to pay frustrating platform fees. You can view our pricing tiers on our Cropolis prices page, here. 


Does Cropolis integrate with QuickBooks?

Cropolis does not integrate directly with Quickbooks. However,  we have specifically designed reports to quickly upload your transactions to your Quickbooks account.  If you are interested in learning how to upload your transactions to your Quickbooks account, send us a message at and someone from our team will reach out to you!

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