An Ordering Platform
Built For Direct Farm Food Sales

Connect with your customers. Tell your story. Sell your food.

Our customer’s favorite features

A Simple and Powerful Ordering Platform For Farmers

Build and send food catalogs with live inventories in minutes. Collect and manage orders all from a single place. Generate and use pick lists, pack lists, and historical reports.

Make it easier for your customers to buy from you.

4-Click Order Forms

Build and send your product order forms in a matter of minutes! Know that they are built and designed with your customers in mind!

Mobile Friendly

You and your customers will both be able to enjoy our features and forms on desktops and mobile devices!

Customer Management

Quickly view your entire customer history,  modify orders, and update invoices!

Unlimited Catalogs

Create as many order forms and catalogs as you need and send them as often as you want. Cropolis knows that you need flexibility!

1-Click Picklists

View and download formatted pick lists for each order period with one, easy click. Save hours of time previously spent in spreadsheets.

Flexible Payment Options

Choose to accept Credit/Debit, Cash, and/or invoicing options for your customer’s order forms.

Powerful Reporting

Get insights with historical reporting on your pricing, supply, and customer interest.

Unlimited Customer Groups

Organize your contacts into different order form customer groups based on different pricing, availability, location, or anything else!

Order Forms Made Easy

Build impressive order forms that your customers will love using in seconds. The Cropolis platform streamlines all of your hard work into 4 easy steps.

Order Forms That Convert Customers

Customers buy more food when it’s easier to place an order.

Effortlessly build and send order forms that will engage your contacts and customers. Cropolis implements the best practices in order form design and function so you don’t need to worry about design or function!


Built with your Customers in Mind

You want an interface that brings customers back for more.

Just like you, your customer’s are also incredibly busy. With Cropolis, your customers will be able to quickly stay up to date with your farm and order your products in a familiar, user-friendly interface.

Automatic Reports That Save Time

Great News: You’ll be spending less time in spreadsheets.

Cropolis builds all of your invoices, pick lists, pack lists, pack slips, sales reports, and QuickBooks import files for you. Save hours of mundane spreadsheet work while also reducing all errors!

“Working with Cropolis has not only increased efficiency for my farm, but has changed the way I am able to do business.

The user-friendly platform (and reporting/record keeping capabilities) saves an immense amount of time for myself and my staff, and streamlines the ordering process for my chef & restaurant partners.”

Tara R.

Farmer & Owner, Churchview Farm


Keep The Questions Coming, Because We Want To Help

If you aren’t sure what to ask, here are some of the best questions that we’ve received from our most successful farmers before they began benefiting from Cropolis.

How much time does it take to get set up?

Your Cropolis account can be set-up with your first order form sent within 15-minutes! When you set up your new account, a team member from the Cropolis team will reach out to you to make sure you know your way around your new account and know how to make the most of the features.

Can I collect orders through multiple order forms at once?

Yes! Through Cropolis, you choose who receives access to each order form by selecting who receives the link to each order form in their inbox. This way you can easily customize who receives which order and what periods those order forms are open. 

Can I customize my delivery options?

Yes! Cropolis does not limit the number of locations that you can add to your account. This lets you control all aspects of your delivery or pickup location, even time of day!

How much do I have to pay to get started?

Nothing! There’s no upfront fee, and all of our accounts come with a 14-day free trial so that you have time to make sure that Cropolis is a best-fit for your farm. No matter how you intend to use Cropolis, we do not charge an initiation fee, an on-boarding fee, a new user fee, or any other types of fees for getting started. Our pricing is simple and straightforward, how it should be. 

Is Cropolis mobile friendly?

Yes! Cropolis works across all devices. It is essential to use an online ordering platform, like Cropolis, with mobile-friendly ordering to reach your customers at home and on the go.

Does Cropolis charge a transaction or service fee?

Your Cropolis account pricing is simple and transparent. There are no transaction or service fees with your account.  Our farms get to keep what they sell and customers avoid having to pay frustrating platform fees. You can view our pricing tiers on our Cropolis prices page, here. 

Maximize Your Customers' Orders

Farmers that implement Cropolis let customers order easier, which increases their revenue and customer loyalty!

Stay Out Of Spreadsheets

Farmer’s that use Cropolis 1-click Pick Lists, Pack Lists, and Pack Slips save hours of work every single week!

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