Want to Sell Local Food?

A medium or small farm benefits from Cropolis by selling more food. This relationship based transaction starts by simplifying food marketing and sales for farmers from all backgrounds. Our tool was built from ground up with the value of local food in mind and includes these features:

Small farm local food sales

Order Management

Handle the complexities of direct, local sales in one place.

  • Give your customers a clean, interactive order interface that they will love
  • Easily distribute up-to-date & interactive product lists
  • View and edit orders placed by your customers
  • Automatically generate pick lists with one click

Simple, Effective Order Platform

We’ve researched what works so you don’t have to worry.

  • Mobile friendly ordering is essential for your busy customers
  • A intuitive small farm ordering platform is important for any online sale
  • Organizing orders on one platform ensures that you can deliver maximum consistency
  • Securely accept credit and debit payments*

Farm relationships

Farm analytics


We automate the records and reports to make smart farm decisions.

  • In a single click, build pick lists and pack lists that keep your operation running smoothly
  • Keep track of pricing and monitor your farm’s progress
  • Explore trends in products and pricing

Inventory Tracking

Ensure that you are maximizing the amount of food sold by sharing what’s available.

  • Inform your customers of limited quantities
  • Track your best selling items and optimize your sales strategy
  • Update your orders when inventory changes
  • Look back at previous sales to plan future crops

Maximize Inventory

Market the value of fresh, local food