Want to Buy Local Food?

Businesses, like restaurants, grocery stores, and schools, love to use Cropolis. On their end, Cropolis makes it incredibly easy to stay up-to-date with the best, and often healthiest, food available. Cropolis is the preferred solution when you want to buy local food. Our available features show why:

buy local food

Order Management

Stay Connected with Local Farms:

  • One spot to handle all of your local food connections
  • Place direct orders from dynamic product lists
  • Easily find new products and get updates on what is in season
  • Track orders and their delivery

Follow Inventory

Save time and simplify day-to-day calls and emails.

  • Easily discover seasonal food availability
  • Manage your food networking
  • Receive updates to hear the latest from your farms
  • Consolidate communication on order changes and disputes

Track food inventory

Food transparency

Transparency in Your Food

Convey the story, the quality, and the value by serving both the food and the message.

  • Track where your food is coming from
  • Provide customers with stories on their food
  • Market the value of freshness
  • Comply with regulation and supply standards
Communicate the Value of Local Food