Farm Management Software

For Direct Food Sales

Five Star Review

I absolutely would recommend!

After just one full season with Cropolis we have seen a significant increase in our wholesale sales.

-Tara Rockacy, Churchview Farm

Five Star Review

Really, it's been a game changer!

As a cold pressed juice company, we have been able to order at least 30% more from local farmers with Cropolis.

-Sherry Quinn, GOODLife Juices

Everything You Need to Sell More Food

Our products and services are used by farmers to manage direct food sales. With Cropolis, direct food sales require less desk work and put more of your food in the hands of happy customers. 

We help you market and sell to channels like farmers markets, restaurants, wholesale, and more.

Tools That Help You Work Smarter

See some of our customer’s favorite features:

30-Second Email Builder

Create professional, templated emails to reach your customers on any device.


Local Food Order Forms

Capture orders 24/7 with online ordering crafted with your local food customers in mind.


Eliminate The Desk Work

Work from pick/pack lists, invoices, and yearly reports always ready at the click of a button.


A Solution For All Types Of Sales


I Sell At Farmers Markets

Use Cropolis to:
  • Pre-sell products for pickup at market
  • Organize pack lists for orders
  • Create loyal customers
  • Keep customers up to date
  • Drive more overall business - rain or shine

I Sell To Restaurants

Use Cropolis to:
  • Keep Chefs up-to-date on live inventory changes
  • Prevent over-promising on sales
  • Easily Update and modify orders
  • Standardize invoicing and receipts
  • Save time on redundant communication

I Sell Wholesale

Use Cropolis to:
  • Send professional order forms
  • Increase the consistency of ordering
  • Simplify bulk packing and labeling
  • Communicate changes in product availability
  • Manage more wholesale relationships

Leverage The Cropolis Food Sales Management Platform

Own Your Ordering Experience

As the only farmer platform built to work with all direct sales, you can manage relationships that range from quite simple to exceedingly complex.  You are finally able to interact with customers, collect orders, and even update invoices all in one place.


Give Your Customers The Experience They Want

Cropolis equips you with what you need to be a successful farm, vendor, or business. Take advantage of email order forms, quick and secure ordering, and reporting that keeps the most valuable information in front of your customers on any device.

Rely On The Results

Whether you are using the Cropolis farm management software, professional services, or just learning from our available resources, you can trust that you are learning from the best practices implemented by farms from across the country. All simplified just for you!


Want Help Selling Directly?

Farm management software shouldn’t be tough or intimidating. At Cropolis, we build technology to provide a seamless online ordering experience for your customers and reduce the endless desk-work of direct farm sales for you. Our top priority is building tools for your farm that strengthen your customer relationships and simplify your local food sales.

Use Cropolis to enhance your local food relationships.