Cropolis Core Values

Scalable Farming

Cropolis supports local food networks. These groups of farms, distributors, and restaurants create food that flourishes and provides a backbone to the cultures that we love. We love high-quality food that supports deeply cultured movements and build our products so that every individual within the system can afford to participate.

Listening To The Signals

The Local Food Movement is growing and with good reason. Local food is tastier, fresher, and healthier than food that is schlepped across the country. Cropolis listens to everyone that provides value to local food networks to help establish sustainable, direct relations. The participants that create value should see a return for their hard work.

Maximizing time

We understand that a job in agriculture is a 24/7 commitment. We’ve got you covered, because Cropolis allows you to focus on the most valuable aspects of your time. Our technology optimizes the most redundant tasks that you encounter every day while working your profession.


In local food networks, relationships are vital. Just as a chef comes to know their food, they come to know their farmer. People work throughout our food chain and build intimate relationships with the food they experience. Cropolis focuses on preserving these relationships, not replacing them.